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What Is NUANS?

NUANS is an advanced electronic search system that searches corporate and business registries across Canada, with over 8 million records of corporation names, business names and trademarks.

NUANS Reports are used to determine the availability of a corporate/business name.

In order for you to register or incorporate your business, a NUANS Report is required by the Federal & most provincial governments.

The NUANS approach is to automate the name searching function by having a program with enough "intelligence" to consider all possible criteria for confusion between proposed and existing names. In simple terms, NUANS is a large computer program which provides a complete search, regardless of the name formulation. There are certain programs which perform the phonetic searching, and others do more direct searching dependent on the length of the words. There is a NUANS Dictionary which is composed of descriptive words, a synonym table, and other features to allow a user to enter additional name spellings when inputting a name to be searched.

Click here to see a sample NUANS report.

NUANS reports are valid for 90 days from their date of submission.


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